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Lets be real, in this weather, I think the last thing any of us want to do is wear makeup, however on some days we just don't fancy walking around bare faced. We are stuck in the predicament of wanting to wear makeup but knowing it will probably feel awful on your skin if it hasn't already completely melted off by 10am. Well, don't fret, because I have the perfect makeup look for you; summer makeup designed to not budge as well as not be too heavy. This may seem like a lot of products to some or barely anything to others but let me tell you, it has been tried and tested by a person who breaks a sweat walking up the stairs and I love it. 

It should go without saying but first things first, in this weather, SPF is crucial. I know for me, I usually just rely on the factor 15 thats included in my foundation and so when I'm not wearing makeup I just completely forget. Not to mention the regular suncreams that are designed for just your body that leave your face with clogged pores and stinging eyes... hence why I rave about the La Roche Posay Anthelios suncream and recommend it to everyone. It contains SPF 50 and protects your skin from both UVA and UVB. Also, not only is it great and protecting your skin from the sun but makeup sits perfectly on top of it, and you literally do not feel it at all, its the perfect base. I use the 'ultra-light' one but there is a whole selection in there range to suit each and every skin type. 

As I said previously, the key to a good summer makeup look is durability. No one wants to spend their morning creating a bronzed and dewy masterpiece for it to be sliding down their face within a couple of hours. So to ensure my makeup lasts all day, I cannot go without The Body Shop Wonderblur Primer. It creates the smoothest of bases to apply products on top of, blurring out the appearance of any fines lines and gives 12 hours of hydration, and means that my makeup seriously does not budge until I come to take it off in the evening.

I feel like there is some unwritten rule somewhere that says because its warm outside you immediately have to forget about any base all together, but I don't about you but some days I just don't fancy scaring myself or others with my bare face and this is where my trusty All-In-One BB Cream comes into play; its light to medium coverage and dewy finish gives you that 'your skin but better' look, whilst keeping it hydrated all day long. It is also the perfect product to pack with you for your holiday as the colour actually adapts to your skin tone, so theres no need to pack 3 different foundations with you, just in case you tan, or don't tan, or only tan a bit. (I'm shade 00)

For an added bit of coverage in the places that need it, I go in with the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer - it amazing for brightening under the eyes. To finish up I use a pressed powder. I do this sparingly so as to not conceal the dewy finish the the BB cream so focus mainly on my t-zone. 

Since brows completely frame the face, we can't skip them, but we also don't want to spend hours turning them into perfectly arched masterpieces. For almost a year now I have been using the Tanya Burr Selfie Sculpt pencil because it is so perfect for my sparse brows. The wide pencil means doing your brows takes no time at all, and it even comes with a spoolie so thats one less thing for you to carry around. To make sure my brows stay in place all day, but still look and feel natural and not like a crispy mess, I apply my C.Y.O Brow Gel over the top.

I want my summer makeup look to be quick so I skip contour all together but I still want to add dimension to my face. To achieve this, I apply my Body Shop Honey Bronzer to the hollows of my cheeks and a little bit higher, and anywhere else the sun would naturally hit my face; this way I don't look 2D, but it is a lot softer looking than contour. The reason I love this product so much is because the palest shade is perfect for fair skin, and its matte finish gives it that natural look. If you have a darker skin tone than me (not hard) this bronzer is available in 5 different shades!

For my cheek bones, I use my I Heart Revolution Blushing Hearts blush in 'Peachy Pink Kiss' which gives a beautiful natural glow to your face, and means no need for an extra highlighter. However, if you are more of a bronze fan then try the shade 'Hot Summer of Love', it is gorgeous! 

I keep eyes pretty simple; the sun - as with everyone I think - makes me very tired, and the last thing I want is for them to feel like they are being weighed down by I ton of products, so for that reason I just stick to mascara. The Maybelline Lash Sensational is perfect for a hot summers day because I natural looking, doesn't flake, and holds the curl all day long so you don't have to worry about any touch ups. However, if I do want to add a little dimension to my eyes, I simply blend a little of my Honey Bronzer throughout my crease.  

What are your go-to makeup products in this heat?

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