5 Goals I Have Set Myself For The Rest Of 2018

So we are 8 months into 2018; August 1st, ... a little over the halfway mark. 
Just one question... how? Life just seems to be going faster and faster and in a blink of an eye we'll all be making our John Lewis Christmas advert predictions, complaining that "its only September and all the shops have their Christmas stuff out" and telling everyone we know just how much darker it was on our drive home last night. 

Now don't get me wrong, I am a Christmas fanatic, and yes I am already planning my Christmas content, but lets all put away our Home Alone DVDs and not think about that just yet - though the Gavin and Stacey Christmas episode is definitely still acceptable in my books. 

The start of 2018 - and the end of 2017 - was a rocky one for me to say the least. I had a new job at the ready, a fresh start, an apprenticeship with a promise of experience and a qualification at the end and my family were happy for me, the only trouble being, I wasn't happy for me. It didn't take me long (2 days to be exact) to realise I was making a huge mistake. Since I was 11 I have dreamt of blogging and having a YouTube channel, and through many rather embarrassing failed attempts at it, it was all I was looking forward to after leaving school, but it was as if as soon as I did leave, my brain suddenly decided "okay lets be grown up now and get a 'real' job." 

I was stuck in a rut. On one hand, my parents had moved to a place only accessible by car, so I needed a job to learn to drive and buy a car, but on the other, I really didn't want a 9-5 office job, stuck in a cycle of doing the same thing day in day out. You may thrive in that sort of environment, but it just really isn't for me. It took me a good few months to decide that enough was enough and that I needed to stop trying to get a job for the sake of other people wanting me to, and start doing what I had always wanted to do, and take it seriously. 

I still get the odd question now and then of 'so are you looking for a job' or a room of silent siblings when I mention my blog but I'm happy and thats what counts. So I want to make the rest of 2018 great; I want to be positive and productive, and a whole lot more independent.

Actually saying this first goal out loud - or at least typing it - is quite daunting to me. I feel as though saying this will put brands off, but its no surprise that everyone has to earn money to live, so I'm just being honest. Over the past couple of months I have been doing quite a lot of research on this topic and hows best to go about it and I have accumulated a lot of mental notes and a decent selection of post ideas. It may seem like a bit of a pipe dream at the moment, but I am working everyday to improve my numbers and my blog as a whole so I have high hopes for the near future. 

If you follow me on twitter you are probably sick of me mentioning this, but oh, the things I could do... if I had a little money (name the song). Obviously my last goal is pretty crucial in making this one possible but I am determined to get my license, or at the very least have a good amount of lessons under my belt before the year is up. I am on a bit of a time crunch with this as well as I passed my theory test last November and so have until November 2019 to pass my practical, which I am sure will creep up on us soon enough. I crave that freedom; everywhere I go now is either with my parents, or involves a long walk and a lot of public transport. To be able to go somewhere at my own time and not have to worry about there only being one bus every hour or doing things to fit around my parents plan's sounds amazing. Its not the biggest of issues but the convenience of it all sounds amazing, I could go where I want when I want, and it would also give me that extra bit of responsibility.

I honestly do not remember the last time I did this its been that long. It must sound like such a simple goal to most of you but for me, it is completely out of my comfort zone. The main reason I want to achieve this goal is so I can see my boyfriend more often when he goes back to uni. I think this summer with him being back for a couple of months I am taking it for granted that he can just get on a train and see me or vice versa. While he can still do this when he is at uni, it is whole lot more a expensive, a much longer journey, and definitely not something that can happen as often. So, if I could just pluck up the courage to go a visit him for a few days, since I work from home, life would be so much more convenient.

The term confidence is a very broad one so this goal could mean a whole matter of things, from self-confidence to confidence to talk in front of a large group of people, but what I am talking about here is the confidence to be in photos. Its probably no surprise to you that to 'make it' in the blogging world your Instagram game has to be strong, thus meaning you have to be in the photos. Unfortunately people just aren't as enthusiastic about my perfectly placed peonies and scattered makeup on a marble surface as I am, and this is where the issue lies. When I am alone and practising/planning poses (please tell me I am not alone with this) all is good, but as soon as the camera is in front of me and someone else is behind it, no matter who it is, I instantly feel like an idiot. Most of the time in photos I settle for the awkward smile or pull an ugly face, that way if I look bad its deliberate because god forbid I actually try and look good in a photo and it turns out terribly and everyone starts saying "oo Phoebe thats not your best angle" and there goes any self-esteem I ever had. I just need to suck it up and get the first few over with to get the ball rolling. 

If you have been around here for a while then you will know that one of my goals for April was to start blogging in advance, so there is no mad stressful rush the night before I should be posting, however, as you can probably tell, I failed miserably at it. I think I just got a little overwhelmed by statistics and comparing my work to that of other bloggers to the point where I wanted to pack it all in, but I realise that if this is to be successful, I have to start taking it seriously. So far this is going well *touch wood*. I have already planned out posts for August and am planning a full day of flatlaying to avoid having to use any last minute photos I am not 100% happy with or delaying a post because I am waiting for flowers to bloom.

What are your goals for the rest of 2018?


  1. I relate so much to your writing on confidence. I find it so difficult to take photographs of myself for my blog, or to pose or know how to stand. It comes so naturally to some people and I stick out like a sore thumb. I really enjoyed this post and I've started following you on twitter also! I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts.
    Love Casey x

    1. Yess! Some people can get a picture of them taken at their worst angle and still look better than me trying my haredest lol. I guess a big part of it is that I immediately feel uncomfortable as soon as a camera is pointing at me and it reflects in my face and my body language. Thank you so much x

  2. You might even end up really enjoying it being away from home for a night (or more). I find nowadays I'm so different, I feel like I'm always looking for a way so that I can get away from home for a little escape, even if it's just for a night!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. I've managed to do it a couple of times now and you're right, I love it. I still think certain distances are a bit of a challenge but I'm happy with the ones I can do right now. I have noticed such a huge difference in the way I feel staying from home and its great, I will have to do it more often and push myself further! x


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