5 Goals I Have Set Myself For June

How is it already June?! I swear the older I get, the quicker the time goes and it'll be Christmas before we know it. Anyway, at the start of April I set myself 5 goals for the month and shared them with you in a post and I really enjoyed it. By writing them down and having other people read them, it gave me that little bit of a push to actually stick to them, so I wanted to make it a regular thing here on the blog.

Consistency So what I am talking about here is editing photos, and being consistent with how they look. Looking back at my past photos I don't even know why I thought it was okay to upload them, the photos are so badly edited, some are so blue and others really yellow and I just need to find that in between. Though, I suppose I am still learning and of course, practice makes perfect.

Stress Less I mean this is definitely easier said than done, but I feel like May consisted of a lot of stressful days, and it was the type of stress that I could avoid if I tried. I am a huge over thinker and I think this was largely the culprit, so, throughout June, I want to tone down on this and focus solely on what is in front of me, and not unravel each and every detail that springs to mind.

Stop Comparing If there is one thing I am particularly good at, it is comparing myself to others. Whether that be how they are dressed, their blog content or Instagram feed, I will find a way to compare theirs to mine. When I look at my blog, I am proud of it; I love the way it looks and the content I put out, and I know how hard I work to get the posts to the point where I am happy with them, but as soon as I look at someone else's work, this all goes and I end up wanting to change everything. This is probably another trigger of the unnecessary stress I cause myself, so I really need to put a stop to it, as well as not obsessing over my own statistics.

Drink More Water This is such a generic goal, especially for the summer months but it is something I have been meaning to do for a while and really need to crack on with. I am a lemonade addict so cutting back is going to be tricky but I am intrigued as to how much of a difference drinking more water will make to my skin and my health overall. I will be reporting about this over on my Instagram Stories, so be sure to head over there to see how it goes! (if you miss it, have a look at my 'beauty' highlight)

Stand Up For Myself Sounds a little petty doesn't it? I don't mean in a 'I'm getting picked on' sense but more 'people are questioning my life choices even though it doesn't affect them' sort of thing. Whenever I meet new people I always dread the question 'so what do you do?' because what do I say? I just go really quiet and say 'oh well erm I have a blog sort of thing but yeh' hoping that they didn't really hear me and then when they don't say anything, I casually drop in there that I had an apprenticeship for a bit but it just 'wasn't for me' - no need to say it was only for two days, right? I think the thing I am struggling with the most is when do I class myself as a blogger? Am I a blogger because I put out blog posts, or am I not a blogger because I don't make a living from it? In June I want to confidently say that I have a blog and I enjoy it, and if people question it, explain to them that there is lot more to it than meets the eye, and that while it has its perks, it also has its drawbacks, just like any other career.

What are your goals for June?



  1. Good luck in reaching your goals this month lovely! I'm not usually a goal setter but have set some blog related goals this month to try and stay motivated! I'm an over thinker too so I know how you feel, also nobody deserves to have an opinion on your career choices so just do what makes you happy!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

  2. Thank you, good luck with your blogging ones! Exactly, I think because this industry is so much in the public eye people think they have the right to judge you! x

  3. I haven’t really set my goals for this month. I am on a weight loss journey so my main thing I’m focusing on this month is drinking more water and staying in a calorie range.

  4. These are good tips for me too! Especially the water, stress less and stand up for myself more! Like you said, it's not like I'm being bullied or anything close, but sometimes I'll let people just quash my ideas and I won't fight for them, so I need to get better at that!

    Rhianna x

    1. Exactly, I just sort of laugh along with them when I should be saying 'actually no, I am happy with what I am doing and I don't see how me doing this affects you?' Good Luck with your goals! x

  5. The year is flying by. It really does feel like i'll blink and it'll be time to put the Christmas decorations up!
    Wishing you lots of luck with your goals!

    Louisa | Loubee Lou Blogs

  6. Best of luck with your goals, especially standing up for yourself. Great goals.


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