The Blogging Time Bomb - Is Blogging Dying Out?

Recently on my social media I have come across several mentions of blogging being a dying art, and talk of an increase in 'microblogging' - I think my way of describing it (as a time bomb) is a little aggressive but we'll stick with it none the less.

If I am honest I have not read any of these posts or articles as I am trying to avoid them. I find the whole idea quite disheartening as it is something I love doing and so the thought of it not being a 'popular' platform sometime in the foreseeable future is hard to digest. So, that being said, I thought I would do a little post on my take/view of this situation, baring in mind that I have only been properly blogging for a few months now.

For me, I see the issue being largely down to accessibility and the growth in technology.

Bloggers support bloggers, and it seems quite rare for someone to just simply enjoy reading blogs who doesn't have a blog themselves, but do correct me if I'm wrong. Everything blogwise is promote, promote, promote. I am not saying that this isn't the case for other platforms, it definitely is, but it is just that bit more difficult in the blogging world.

Take YouTube for instance. Although nowadays everything has gone a bit pear shaped what with the recent algorithm changes, making it harder for creators to gain an audience and engagement, a video still has a better chance of gaining views with no promotion, than a blog post. In 7 months, the one video I have uploaded has gained just over 2k views without me doing anything to promote it. However, in blogging, if you don't promote your content, chances are it will just get lost in the Internet, (please note this is coming from someone who gets very confused by all things SEO etc, and help would be greatly appreciated), and even when you do share your content, it is amongst other bloggers, if that makes any sense at all. It is very easy to get recommended a youtube video without even having to make an account and subscribe, and it is a very accessible platform. However, bloglovin'? I had never even heard of it until I started doing some research when I first started this blog, and the only blogs I occasionally read were ones of Sammi Maria, or Zoella, both due to their very successful youtube channels.

Now this in no way a dig at bloglovin', but I guess what I am trying to say here is that, with the rapid growth in technology, our society is getting lazier, in the nicest possible way. Personally, I don't remember a time when the Internet didn't exist; I grew up with it, and so in a sense, our generation is so reliant on it. It is almost effortless to just sit and watch your favourite creators. As a form a procrastination; in the background of cleaning your room/house; or even in the bath, it is so easy. But people who don't blog, don't want to read blogs. That sounds so brutal but unfortunately, I think it is true.

This brings me onto 'microblogging', a term which I first saw someone use in their blog post, - annoyingly I don't remember who - but I definitely don't take credit for it. I believe they came up with the term to describe the use of other platforms, namely Instagram, to talk about products as you would on a blog. While this can be done within an actual Instagram post, it is usually done within an Instagram Story, something I've seen done a lot by creators such as Ingrid Nilsen; Jaci Marie Smith and Courtney Halverson. Instagram Stories appear at the top of your feed, they are short and sweet, and by using the 'swipe up', you can buy a product in minutes. Blogging, however, takes time. Unlike with Instagram, you can't just flick through endlessly and voila something appears, you have to follow a number of links, read through a post and then find the point where it mentions the product you were interested in. This doesn't sound like much of a hassle, but can you see how much easier Instagram makes it? It is accessible and effortless.

I named this post 'the blogging time bomb' insinuating that one day blogging will just disappear into thin air, but I don't think this is the case, nor do I believe it will die out any time soon, if ever.

This may be a terrible analogy but, think back to the 1930s when radios were first brought into the home, it was almost unheard of. The fact that you could so easily connect with the outside world and immediately hear about events happening half way across the world from your own living room was incredible. Then the TV came in and replaced it, it was easier, you could listen and watch, it lets you multi-task. When blogging first came about, this was the same, it was amazing, and then youtube took over. I think as a society we are just looking for the easiest, most effortless way to do things and tomorrows generation is growing up with this. With ever enhancing technology and a society so reliant on it, blogging is still here, it just isn't what it used to be.

Bloggers will keep blogging alive, but for how long?

What do you think?


(p.s. I feel as though I could've gone a lot more in depth and added a bit more structure but we'd be here forever)



  1. I find this is such a controversial topic, because in ways I can see why it would decline, but I love writing and even if it does die out, I can guarantee I'll still be tapping away. It's disheartening though as a small content creator, when you see posts saying blogging is going to disappear, I don't think so! I just think there will be new forms of blogging and we'll have to hop on that bandwagon to x

    1. Same, I find it so disheartening! Especially as I've just started out; it's the same with youtube, there is so much content out there that you feel like there is almost no point, and that you'll just get lost in the internet somewhere! I absolutely love blogging and don't want it to go anywhere. I agree! I think it will still be around for a long long time, it just won't be as popular as other forms, but I guess thats just life. x

  2. I'm one of those bloggers who feels that blogging has lived through its prime. You are right in saying that blogging will never fully die out but will become less popular.

    Personally I prefer to get my message across through Instagram where I find a larger audience far more easily than my blog. I love writing long form content but I enjoy writing the relatively short 200-300 word captions as well.

  3. Exactly! I think thats just life though, everything has a prime and for blogging its over. Same, I find it so much easier to post on Instagram Stories, its so accesible and you can quickly and easily attract a larger audience! x


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