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Happy Tuesday! Apologies for my absence, I didn't expect it to be so long but I thought I would bring it back with a little tag post. Last week I was tagged by the lovely Chaz from Unlunacy and to do the Sunshine Blogger Award post, and so today I will be answering the 11 questions she has set.

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to people who are positive, joyful, help others, and bring sunshine into others lives.

The Rules are as follows:

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What is your favourite thing about blogging so far?

It is difficult to narrow it down to one thing as I have been loving it so much but if I had to choose a favourite it would be the blogging community. Since starting my blog I have been so surprised by the amount of love and support out there by other bloggers. Everyone is so friendly and accomodating, and it still blows my mind that the Internet allows you connect with so many people.

What are your views on mental health advocacy and why is it important? 

As someone who has only recently come to terms with their mental health and who is learning how to deal with it on a day to day basis it comes as no surprise that I believe its advocacy is nothing short of amazing. Mental health is such an umbrella term and so many different issues can fall under it, from depression and anxiety to ADHD and OCD. Awareness of mental health issues is growing by the day and this is incredibly important; it lets people know that they are not alone in their situation and that what/how they are feeling is completely normal. 

What is your favourite thing about the town you live in?

Not much, let me tell you, but some days I really do appreciate the silence. When I open my window, instead of hearing car horns and shouting, all I can hear is the little lambs and birds singing. I do love it. 

Tell us about your best friend? 

He has four legs, a tail, very fluffy ears and answers to the name Harvey - most of the time.

What is your guilty pleasure? 

I feel like I am not alone when I say that my guilty pleasure is documentaries. I do love a good documentary, they are my answer to everything. Have a to-do list as long as my arm? Documentary. Supposed to be revising for my A-Levels? How about I watch a documentary instead. Zombie apocalypse? You know. If you are a documentary lover like myself then I really recommend subscribing to Real Stories over on youtube, though perhaps give it a miss if you actually want to get stuff done. 

What is the most awkward/embarrassing moment of your life?

I am the type of person who, for some reason, always seems to end up doing something embarrassing, and so by now, I am pretty used to it. But here are a few examples my friend gave when I asked him: 

Do you believe in true love, why/why not?

I do, and I don't know why. That makes it sound like I have been riddled with bad break ups, I haven't, I just think that it is one of those things that worries me. Whenever I hear about a couple splitting up, especially when they were going so strong, I always have to find out why, to reassure myself that it isn't something that could happen to me. Its when you hear that people just 'grew apart' or that they just 'weren't happy together anymore', because while that may be true, it doesn't half make me panic. What if that happens to me? I don't want that to happen to me. So for now I remain in my little 'true love does exist' cloud, keeping everything crossed. 

What crime would you most likely be caught doing?

Honestly, shoplifting. Unintentional of course. I seem to be getting so forgetful these days (I am 18 so that doesn't hold much hope for the future) that I just go to walk out a shop with a load of stuff in my hands that I haven't paid for. It isn't until someone I am with yells STOP!! that I actually realise what I am doing. Nightmare. 

What is one piece of advice you will hold onto forever?

As I said previously, my memory isn't great, so if anyone did ever enlighten me with their pearls of wisdom, I don't remember. However, I will never forget my friend Ben telling me something along the lines of 'when you ask for advice, you already know the answer, you are just looking for someone to agree/disagree with you.' I'm sure it was a lot more poetic than that but thats the jist of it. So now whenever I need advice, I realise that I do know what the right thing to do is, I am just putting it off, or hoping that someone will give me an easier option. Does that make sense?

What is your favourite day of the week and why?

Friday. Pushing the boat out with that one I know. I have just always loved that Friday feeling. Especially in school, when you were sat in your lesson and you know you've got exciting plans for that evening and then you have the whole weekend ahead of you. Though, that being said, in Year 13 I was a Thursday lover; although it was my busiest day, I miss that feeling of going into History for my last lesson, sat at the back of the room with a row of six to myself and just winding down for the week, and knowing I had three frees the following day, it was always so relaxing - if A Levels can be at all relaxing. Plus I had double politics in the morning which I LOVED. Please enjoy this amazingly good quality photo of my last ever politics lesson, almost a year ago now.

Do you believe in the paranormal, why/why not? 

Yes and no. If we are talking the 'there's someone behind you' or 'a family died here 62 years ago and no one has been here since' type of thing then no, (though that does freak me out a little), but I do believe in something, I just don't know what. If I am thinking logically then surely it isn't possible, how would that even work? Though my experiences tell me otherwise. It is just the little things like randomly smelling my grandma as if she has just 'floated' past or things moving around the house that no one is claiming responsibility for; creepy.


  1. How do you relax/wind down?
  2. What TV show/youtuber are you binge watching right now?
  3. Is there something you are looking forward to, what/why?
  4. What makes you roll your eyes everytime you hear it?
  5. If you had the power to change one thing in this world, what would it be and why?
  6. Why did you start up your blog? How as it changed you?
  7. What is your ultimate dream in life? Where do you want to end up? What do you want to achieve?
  8. Tell us about your typical weekend?
  9. Is there anything you have recently learnt that you wish you had known earlier? What is it?
  10. One habit you wish you could break?
  11. What advice would you give to someone going through a difficult time?



  1. Awesome answers Phoebe! My best friend is my little floofball too, her name is Cupcake and I’m kind of obsessed with her haha. I definitely 100% believe in the paranormal too. Not everything can be explained logically and there’s definitely something out there.

    1. Thank you! And I know who needs humans? Dogs are the best! Exactly! I think because there isn't a proper explanation is just makes it even freakier haha x

  2. aww this is a lovely post, so nice to read your answers xx

  3. This is such a cool post. I love the less conventional questions mixed in with the blogger ones. The blogging community is definitely one of my faves. And yes, dogs are the best!

    1. thank you! Dogs defintely are the best haha xx

  4. I agree with number one - there's so much support and love in the blogging community! Ah, I totally agree with you on the paranormal stuff. I believe in it then again, I also don't.

    cabin twenty-four

    1. The blogging community is amazing isn't it?! Everyone is so lovely! And yeh exactly, I think part of it is that I don't want to believe in it because it is so scary!

  5. Really enjoyed reading this and finding out a bit more about you. I especially like what your friend said about asking for advice, I’m always asking other people about things when I already know the answer. X

    1. Thank you! It was a good piece of advice I think; saves me a lot of time that I would waste trying to figure out what to do haha x

  6. I loved reading this! So good for getting to know you! I agree with you on the whole paranormal thing, but then again how do we exist? That is a pretty bloomin' miracle... I feel like I believe in something I just dont know what either! My best friend sounds very similar to yours... only he doesn't answer to Harvey! Haha! xx

    1. Thank you! Its so weird, like how would that even happen, but surely if their are all these programmes/films about it, someone must have evidence?? CUTE!! to be honest Harvey never answers to Harvey either haha xx

  7. Congratulations on getting the sunshine blogger award! Glad you found some positivity through blogging! I'm glad you're big on advocating about mental health. It's important to be aware of it. Oh man, I would probably be in the same boat when it comes to that unintentional shoplifting! These are interesting things! Thanks for sharing your POV :).

    1. Thank you! It definitely is! I think it really helps to know that you aren't alone with your mental health, or anything really! x

  8. Thanks so much for the nomination girl! Ok, the best friend answer is behind relatable haha!! I also don’t know how I feel about the paranormal, there’s got to be something going on right?

    Phoebe x

    1. No worries! I was worried people would say 'is she being serious? Her dog is her best friend?' but thank god no one has haha, everything about the paranormal just freaks me out! x

  9. I love what you said about mental health and I completely agree, I think the more people actually educate themselves about it, the more people who do deal with mental health issues will feel comfortable opening up about it and they won't have to feel like it's something they have to hide from people, even from family and friends.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  10. Such a lovely post - what actually drew me to the post is the picture! I love reading about the person behind the blog, and these type of posts are a great way to do so!

    Kayla xo


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