Spring Style Haul

Spring is finally here, and to celebrate I thought I'd do a little style haul, and maybe it will give you some inspiration if you're stuck in a style rut. I have been trying to branch out with my clothing and gently move out of my comfort zone, and even though pretty basic, I have fallen back in love with slogan/graphic tees.

The first one I bought was the 'Lovers Drifters' tee from Miss Selfridge. Although slightly cropped - note the emphasis on the slightly - I love it, especially the distressed look to the font.

Next I picked up the 'New Orleans' tee from Cow Vintage, a shop my friend introduced to me, and one which I will definitely be revisiting. If you're a lover of 70's, 80's and 90's style, then you should 100% check it out, especially if you're on the hunt for an over sized denim jacket, or any for that matter. Also, most of their pieces are one off, almost, in that they only stock one or two of the same product, well as far as I am aware.

The final one I have bought recently literally gives me excited butterflies simply for the fact it sounds remotely Italian... even though its Spanish but you catch my drift. I adore the colours in this asos piece, and, same as with the Miss Selfridge tee, it has a distressed look to the design.

With all of these t-shirts, I have just been styling them the same way, and that is by tucking them into my new mom jeans from prettylittlething. It took me a sweet while to find ones that actually suited me but I have settled with these ones. I am not entirely sure if they are too big on me and I do have to wear a belt but those size 8's were not getting past my thighs. This has definitely been my biggest style change of this spring as I am so used to wearing my Topshop 'Jamie' or 'Joni' jeans and just rolling up the bottoms, but I just got so bored of them, and the black pair are basically grey now; bringing me onto another reason I am in love with these new jeans, the colour. They have that 'natural' denim look to them, and whats more, I know they won't fade. If you are looking for the perfect pair of mom jeans then I really recommend them! Such an amazing price, and the length is perfect.

Whats new in your spring wardrobe?

Phoebe x

(p.s. the sunglasses are £3 from Primark!)

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  1. Loved this style post! I am yet to find the perfect mom jeans too, I can't find any that suit me, I think it's because I am so short! Thanks for the recommendation for these ones I'll have to see if they suit me too!
    Eleanor x

  2. Thank you! They are all I wear now so I hope you find some you love! xx

  3. That lemon tee is the cutest! I've had my eyes on it for a while so I think I need to make a purchase 😂😙 great post loves. Over from littleowlblogs.wordpress x

    1. Thank you, I do love it, you definitely should get it! x

  4. Love! I’m in search of some good jeans that will fit me the right way! Oh and I see what you mean the “Italian” tee lol so cute.

  5. You definitely try these jeans out, I am obsessed with them! x


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