March Round Up

Can anyone else not believe how fast March has gone?! Because me neither.

Today brings the start of a new series here on the blog; the monthly 'Round Up'.  I am not sure if I will be doing these every month, and I will try to keep this one fairly short and sweet as I fear it will be quite chatty, but it is a nice little way to document what I did this month, what I am loving and any other changes that each month brings.

Not only will these posts be so nice to look back on in years to come, but I think it is a good thing to do for your mindset. It can be so easy to just let time slip away and forget the little things. Just because you didn't throw yourself out a plane or go on a road trip across America, it doesn't mean that everything else isn't significant. What did you achieve? Did you make a mistake that you learnt from? Who made your month that bit easier?

I know just briefly thinking about it, March was not a particularly exciting month for me personally, but that's not the spirit, is it?

Lets start with achievements. For me this is actually quite easy for once; I went on a train! Since a terrible event, that shall not be discussed, occurred back in August of last year, I have not set foot in a train station, let alone on a train, and let me tell you, I was terrified. When I woke up that morning I very nearly cancelled, but I am so glad I didn't. I had an amazing day, I travelled all the way into Manchester and met up with my best friend from High School who I hadn't seen since he went off to Uni. I now feel so much more confident and am so glad I have that bit of independence back. If you've been wanting to do something for a while but fear is holding you back, make it your goal for April. You can do it, and you'll have no regrets!

March marks the start of Spring - well it is supposed to anyway - and because of this, I have seen such an improvement in my mood, especially this past week. As cringey as it seems, the sound of birds singing is one of my absolute favourite things, it is just so relaxing. Even being able to have the back door open while taking blog photos and hearing them in the background has just made me feel so happy and bubbly. Also, although this month has brought a lot of snow with it, there have been some good days, and honestly it is so much less hassle! I don't dread going outside knowing my nose will be numb and my eyes watering, and gone are the days of wearing ridiculous amounts of layers - for now at least. All my life I have had the same issue of only owning summer clothes and just having the most hideous wardrobe when its cold outside, and there have still been no improvements, so at least I can start looking presentable again!

As for what I have been getting up to this month, not much really. I cannot stand staying in the house all day and so this month I have been doing anything possible to actually see the outside world. I went into Manchester for the day, as I mentioned previously, and have seen my siblings a fair amount but other than that, just blog post planning really. My social life is awful!

I have gotten way too carried away again so I'm going to round it up here (pun definitely intended) so be sure to follow me on my bloglovin' to be notified when I next post, and if you want to know what I am getting up to I would love if you followed my social media. (Instagram + Twitter)

What was your best moment of March?

Phoebe x


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