A Mini Haul and First Impressions

Although I did try my absolute best to stop spending money this month, I didn't do very well, so here is a little haul of what I bought and my first impressions of them.

First up, and probably the one I am most excited about because it has been on my wish list for so so long is the Pixi Glow TonicI chose to get this over the Glossier Solution as it had so many mixed reviews and I'm glad I did. If I'm honest I am not entirely sure what it is supposed to do but since I have very dry skin I thought that with fact it gently exfoliates, I couldn't go wrong, also it is very pinterest so I couldn't pass it up. On first impressions, it smells kind of like the Cheltenham Cath Kidston shop, purely because it's the only one I have been in, and it gives me such nostalgia. It makes my skin feel so smooth and hydrated and a little goes a long way.

Purely for the novelty I got a Lush face mask, and as recommended by the staff, I got Cupcake. This clarifying mask smells amazing, I could actually eat it, and on first use, left my skin feeling so incredibly soft. I will say though, it is quite bitty, so didn't apply as smoothly as I hoped, but that isn't a major issue.

Clearly I thought that one face wasn't enough because I then went a bought the L'oreal Pure Clay Blemish Rescue Mask. Now I have never really had the best of luck with L'oreal skin products but I wanted to try this as their newest face masks have amazing reviews and I do love a clay mask. While luckily my skin didn't react badly to it, and it did feel quite hydrated afterwards, I am not totally sure it did much, though this may just be me being impatient. I am going to keep using it for now and see if there are any improvements.

Next, a really unnecessary product. I am not one to wear to lipstick so why I thought I desperately needed the Nip+Fab Lip Liner is beyond me but I have no regrets. So far I absolutely adore the colour of this product and find it such a natural and subtle way to make me look a bit more put together, and a little more alive - handy when you have ridiculously pale skin and lips. Since it is a lip liner the staying power is obviously great and it doesn't dry my lips out at all.

Finally, a definite impulse buy, the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. I am on the hunt for a good face moisturiser but I don't think this is the one. It was fairly expensive - in my books anyway - for what it is and I feel like it is going to get used up quite quickly, as I have to use a fair amount on each application. However, I am by no means saying it is a terrible product, it does what it says on the bottle but, it doesn't work wonders, it doesn't wow me. which some unknown reason I was kind of expecting, but, I don't hate it.

What products do you recommend?

Phoebe x

(p.s. any money saving tips would be appreciated, thank you)

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