The Wonders of Argan Oil

So today I wanted to talk about my new found love for argan oil and just some of its many benefits - hence the title. It has recently it has become a staple in my skincare routine and due to its high Vitamin E and fatty acid content, using argan oil for its beauty benefits has fast become a very popular practice, and is often referred to as the miracle oil'. It is also extremely versatile and so I thought I would share with you 4 ways I like to use it.


The first way I like to use Argan Oil is as a face moisturiser, something I have mentioned before. Argan Oil contains vitamin E and so is great at locking in moisture, as well as hindering the skins process of ageing due to its anti-oxidants. However, instead of just applying it straight onto my face like a serum - which you can do if that is what you prefer, - I now put on my moisturiser, and before blending it in, I add a drop of argan oil to each area (forehead, chin and cheeks) and then blend it all in together. I have found that by applying it this way, the oil sinks in a lot easier, and my moisturiser also disguises the argan oils natural smell which is DISGUSTING. By doing this every evening before bed, I wake up with the softest skin, and I have found that my foundation goes on a lot smoother.


I have never really had too many issues with my hair being dry or damaged as I have never coloured it and don't use crazy amounts of heat on it, so I am very wary of over-conditioning, but I have found that applying argan oil to my hair when damp has had real benefits. Argan Oil has been proven to make hair softer and silkier and even by just using the smallest amount every-other day, I have really noticed a difference. For as long as I can remember, my hair has had a weird top layer of frizz, and I've often got quite annoyed by it, but by using the argan oil, the frizz is no more, amazing! It is also really great at preventing dry, split ends, meaning overall it looks so much healthier.


Since argan oil is said to stimulate hair growth, I like to take a really small brush (I use a real techniques one but a paint brush would probably work exactly the same) and apply a small amount of the oil to my eyebrows and upper lash-line. While I have only been doing this for a couple of weeks, my eyebrows already seem a lot less sparse and my eyelashes longer - or at least I think so. Though I will say for definite that mascara applies so much nicer, I love it!


Finding an effective, inexpensive cuticle oil can be a tricky task and so making use of a product I already have is the perfect solution. I simply use one drop of the oil on my cuticles every evening when doing my skincare routine and it is such a quick and easy way to keep my nails strong and healthy. My hands also feel and look so much better for it.

While these are the ways I like to use argan oil, there are other things you can do such as:
   + After shaving to help razor burn
   + Adding a few drops to your bath water 
   + Using as a massage oil
   + Mix with brown sugar to create your own exfoliator for chapped lips

Anyway, I hope you found this post somewhat interesting and let me know if you try any of these methods out and how you found them!

Phoebe x

(p.s. this is the argan oil I use: )


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