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I'm back! Not that I was here for very long in the first place but still.

So where have I been?

Blogging is something that I have always wanted to do however when I started back in October I tried to make it into a full time job, planning posts with great detail and even had plans to do 12 days of Christmas in December. I was focusing too much on the logisitics/algorithms of it all and lost any enjoyment I could have got from the process, and in the end I found it all quite stressful, (it doesn't take much to stress me out), and was constantly comparing my content to other bloggers, so I stopped.

I did initially take down the blog, though recently I have been really inspired to get back into it again  and realised I just needed to create content that I wanted to make and not try and stick to a strict schedule. I don't want to feel like I need to be posting something and then, as a result, lacking any motivation to do so, I just want to post whenever I feel like it, which ironically will probably mean more often.

In the time I haven't been posting I got a job, left that job two days later, filmed and planned many youtube videos that never made the cut because I was never happy with the quality and have had a real think about what it is I'm going to do, something I'll go more into depth with in another blog post maybe?

But for now, I'm back blogging and doing what I enjoy - and still saving for that camera.

Phoebe x

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