A Few Things I'm Loving Right Now

So I wanted to take the time today to talk about some products that I have (fairly) recently discovered and I LOVE.

1. The Ordinary High-Coverage Foundation 

Firstly, anything by this brand I am up for trying. I'm obsessed! Anyway, while I've never usually been one to go for a foundation on the higher coverage side, I wanted to try this as the serum just sounded too light, and it is perfect. The finish is beautiful; it evens out my skin tone and covers any redness, yet still maintains that skin-like look, and doesn't appear heavy or cakey. The formula is super blendable (a little goes a long way) and feels really light on my skin. Many other foundations I have used in the past have left my face feeling quite sticky throughout the day and by the evening, I can't wait to wash it off, but this foundation is very different. I can barely feel it on my skin and a bonus, I actually want to put it on, as supposed to dreading having that icky, oily, get-off-my-face feeling all day. Finally, can I just mention the colour?! The range of shades for this foundation is phenomenal, something that is currently quite difficult to find in a drugstore product - they really need to up their game. Although I am lucky that drugstore brands tend to focus more on the paler skin tones than the darker ones, I do find it quite difficult to find a foundation that is pale enough, and I'm left looking like a tangerine, either that or I look like a china doll because all the paler shades tend to have quite a pink undertone, and for someone with a more neutral tone to their skin, this isn't great. Both 'The Ordinary High-Coverage Foundation', and 'Serum Foundation' not only offer shades from 'very fair' to 'very deep', they also give you the option of choosing a shade that matches the undertone of your skin, in which case, I use 1.0NS. I cannot rave about this product enough, I absolutely love it!

2. The Ordinary Moroccan Argan Oil

Whenever I see the skincare different people like to use, I never understand why they use so many products and why they are so expensive - surely it is doing more harm than good. However, this recent find of mine will being staying apart of my skincare routine for a long long time. Not only is it affordable, I also love the fact that it is all natural and there aren't any random chemicals in it, which leaves me having no idea what I am actually putting it on my face. I have always had really dry skin, and so naturally, any face washes I have used to control any breakouts just dry out my skin even further. However, since using this oil, I have seen such a difference, even with spots. I like to put this on my face in the evening as it does take quite a while to fully sink in, unless I am using it wrong, but when I wake up in the morning, my face is softer than it has been in a long time. It feels and looks healthy. The oil also has such great lasting power that it doesn't have to be used everyday, pretty handy if you don't have the time or patience to maintain such a militant regime.

3. Barry M Birthday Classic Nail Varnish

So recently I have turned into a bit of an avid nail painter, and its great. I feel so put together when in reality I'm really not. Now, I have tried many a nail polish brand, and while Essie are my favourite, I had to mention this one. It was super affordable and the colour is gorgeous. I used to love my gel polishes and getting that super shiny finish but, to be completely honest, they were just hassle. The formula was just so thick that it would take hours to dry, and even then it would most likely smudge. I much prefer nowadays to use a basic polish, with the 'Essie Gel Top Coat' to finish it off, which is amazing; it dries so quickly and doesn't leave any weird bubbles on my nails, which I always used to have an issue with. It gives that perfect finish to your nails without the hassle of waiting hours on end. Anyway, I should mention that while the formula of this polish goes on smoothly and the pigmentation is so great you could get away with only one coat, it doesn't take long for it to chip, but I'm not complaining, given its price tag. What I really wanted to talk about though was the colour. It is such a perfect shade for that transition between Christmas and Spring where you are sick of wearing autumnal shades but its not the best time to crack out your pastels and bright colours. It also looks amazing on a paler skin tone, so if you are like me and struggle to find a darker shade that doesn't look ridiculous then I really recommend it! The name of the colour is 'Bespoke.'

4. Lush D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap

Where do I start? Okay, the smell. is. amazing. As you can probably guess, it smells like strawberries and mmm I love it. It gives me such nostalgia, and takes me back to the school ski trip, which actually, given the events of that particular trip, probably isn't the best selling point. This product is a miracle worker for me, purely because it motivates me to actually shave my legs in the first place. I no longer have to sit awkwardly over a barely full bath, getting shaving cream everywhere and cutting myself more times than I can count. The strawberry not only gives the soap an amazing fragrance, it is also refreshing and toning, and the added cocoa butter, rose absolute and rose hip oil makes for a very smooth and nourishing shave. When using just your bog-standard shaving cream, my legs always felt quite dry afterwards and like I needed to lather them in moisturiser, but since using 'D'Fluff' I can get away with skipping that step all together. A little really goes a long way with this product and bonus: it's cruelty free!

5. JASON Pure Natural Deodorant Stick

So I am going to put it out there.. I'm have never really been a big deodorant user - queue all the 'oh well i'm glad shes finally noticed I didn't want to say anything' mutters. No but seriously, I am clean I promise! I have just never really gotten on with it. I was always that girl in the P.E. changing rooms having a borderline coughing fit with all the spray circling the tiny little room, and roll-on deodorants, no thank you. However, a lot of stick deodorants these days contain aluminium, which is something I've heard to be a bad thing, health wise. Whether this is true or not I don't know, but I'd rather be on the safe side, and so I discovered this one. Not only does this deodorant not contain aluminium, it is also free of parabens... as well as some other nasty sounding stuff that I can't spell. While this isn't the cheapest of deodorants you could buy, it also isn't extortionate, and since the brand focuses largely on maintaining an all-natural status, as well as not testing on animals, I am happy to support them. I use the apricot scent because that it the best flavour of petit-filous, right? Though if that isn't for you, they offer a few other scents, as well as unscented if thats what floats your boat.

Anyway, I will bring this to a quick end as I think I've rambled on enough already, but I hope you found this useful, and somewhat informative if you were interested in buying any of the products mentioned, and if not, I would love to hear any feedback,

Phoebe x

(p.s. clicking on the names of the products will take you through to the sites if you are interested in purchasing anything)


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