So, you're wanting to up your blogging game?
Okay okay, I know what you're thinking, "honey you don't even have 50 followers, get your head out of the clouds (or other places)". So, disclaimer, I am by no means saying I'm the biggest and the best, nor am I claiming that these tips will miraculously change your blog overnight because, as with anything, patience is virtue. However, what I will say is that just by following these simple tips and tricks in the last month or so, I have noticed a HUGE difference in both my blog traffic and how much I am enjoying it.

I'm sure we all understand that feeling of putting so much work into a post and it not getting the attention or feedback it deserves, and it can be really quite discouraging, but upping your blogging game isn't just about the numbers, which is why I wanted to share these tips with you. 

First things first, you have to enjoy what you do. I know this probably sounds like a bit of a cop out tip but seriously, if you don't love what you do, it shows. If you aren't enjoying creating the content that you are putting out, how do you expect someone to else to enjoy reading it? Without that love and enjoyment, you most likely won't have the motivation and the passion it takes to persevere at hard times. So if you're struggling, take a step back. Maybe you love blogging, but the content you are putting out isn't you, the overall appearance needs some tlc, or it may just been that you're sweating over the small stuff - the statistics, other social media platforms etc. Whatever it is, do what you need to do to make a change and to fall back in love with what you do.

I honestly don't know where I would be without these accounts, they are the holy grail of getting traffic to your blog. I am sure a lot of you are aware of these little gems, after all its probably how you came across this post in the first place, but if you don't know, I shall explain. Twitter retweet accounts are basically what they say on the tin, they retweet your tweets. When you are putting together a tweet to promote your blog or a new post, all you have to do is tag them and they will - most likely - retweet, thereby making your new post visible to thousands and thousands of fellow bloggers and readers. I say most likely as they don't always retweet or some can take several hours, and this can be for a number of reasons. A lot of them are run by other individual bloggers, so its understandable that their response times aren't always rapid. 


This point is pretty self-explanatory, and I will explain it more in further points but, as you can imagine, it is a very important step to bringing more traffic to your blog. All I want to highlight here is that it isn't a one tweet jobbie - can you tell I have been watching a lot of Louise Pentland lately? When I first put a post up, I try to promote it every hour for about two days just to get the ball rolling, and then I resume to my normal 'post-promoting' routine, which is basically as often as I can. You also don't have to stick to promoting one post - a mistake I made - so mix it up, theres no rule saying that because it isn't your most recent post that it just has to disappear into the internet, never to be seen by anyone ever again. At first I used to tweet about a post once and 'bobs your uncle' because I felt like I was bombarding people or being pushy but I soon got over that. People who follow me know I have a blog, the majority of them are bloggers as well, so they know the importance of promotion, and for the people who see my tweet through a retweet account, how many of them are going to be online at the exact time you post? These accounts have thousands of followers, and retweet constantly, so to avoid getting lost in a tsunami of flatlays and pretty dresses, you have to be consistent with it. 

Starting to notice a theme? Seriously, twitter is the best platform when it comes to promoting your blog, especially with things like comment threads - a thread of blog post links whereby bloggers exchange comments. If I am honest, I have a bit of a love hate relationship with these threads. They are a great way to get new readers to your site that perhaps wouldn't have normally come across it, and everyone is helping each other out by boosting one anothers stats, but sometimes they can seem a little forced and fake, and I think I would rather get my comments organically. When I first discovered them however, they really helped to build my confidence in the content I was putting out as well as giving me the opportunity to connect with other bloggers. (Bloggers Tribe are my go to and they host them every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 8pm BST)

This is my last twitter tip I promise. Although these chats don't necessarily promise your blog any new traffic, they are a really good way to interact with other bloggers, and they are always so lighthearted. One of my favourite things about blogging is that I can connect with people from all over the world who I wouldn't have otherwise 'met'. I love Cbeechat as they always ask such great questions and there is a new topic each time - they host their chats on a Monday 5pm-6pm and Thursday 9pm-10pm BST. However, there is a whole array of chats for bloggers across twitter so its just a case of shopping around. If you like something of a more specific topic, TodayTomorrowForever Ella hosts a great mental health chat fortnightly on a Tuesday at 8pm BST. 

As much as I have mentioned it, twitter isn't the only place to promote your blog. Pinterest has also been so beneficial to my blog traffic and getting my name out there. Unlike with twitter, your pin doesn't get lost the more you pin, its a cycle, and your pins will constantly be popping up on everyone elses feed and getting your account that recognition. Not only that, but it is a lot less tedious and I could sit and pin for hours!

The idea of jumping into a black hole is not appealing to anyone, and while I'm being a little dramatic, I'm sure you catch my drift. Let people know what they are in for. How are you helping them? What will the reader get from it? It maybe that your post is really helpful, but your title doesn't reflect that. For instance, if you're writing about your favourite mascaras, calling it exactly that won't attract as many people as 'Top 5 Drugstore Mascaras' or 'This Mascara Will Change Your Stubborn Lashes For Good'. Be as specific as you can - tell them how many products you're talking about, your price range, or who the product would best apply to. The same applies to lifestyle posts, avoid using phrases like 'should we' or 'is it' and instead use 'we need to' or 'it is'; state where your post is heading. This also makes it so much easier to write the post in the first place, because you have an end point. 

It isn't just the title that can be used to entice people in. If you're are promoting your post on twitter share snippets of what it contains - a screen recording of a quick scroll, a sentence or two, a photo, or even ask a rhetorical question. 

Consistency does not always mean frequency. Putting up blog posts regularly is a great way to get more traffic to your blog but it isn't essential. Its more about quality over quantity. One of my goals this month was to be consistent with the overall appearance of my blog, the fonts I use, the layout, the colours and the photo editing; I feel it just looks more professional this way. You may only be posting two or three times a month, but being consistent with promoting and posting on other social media platforms is always a good idea. 

With consistency and perseverance comes acceptance. Some months are worse than others, and that just comes with the job, its unpredictable. When your blog isn't doing as well as usual, it can be really discouraging, so take advantage of those days when you're motivated, take photos in bulk, type up notes when they are in your head, give yourself that flexibility. Having the ability to do extra work one day so you don't have to do any the next is just a perk of the job. Nevertheless, focus on the positives. It is so easy these days to just focus on our social media statistics and think 'oh I only got 43 likes on my picture' or 'my blog is so bad I only have 15 followers' but if you think about it, thats 15 whole people who chose to follow your blog, you can't even count that on your hand. So when its a bad month, focus on what you do have, and not what you don't. 

Finally, something I discovered very recently, is guest blogging. Well, I say discovered... I knew what it was, but it is something I have only actually started to take part in very recently. As the name suggests, guest blogging is basically creating content for someone elses blog. Although they aren't something I actively look for, when they pop up, I  always like to ask for a bit more information, and if it sounds like something I am interested in doing and think I can bring something to the table, then I'll go for it. After all it is just another way to get your name out there, and also gives people a taste of your content. 

What are your tips to up your blogging game?
So I'm certain I am not the only who enjoys a good face mask...
Which is why I thought it was about time I put this post together, to share with you some of my go-tos in times of need. I have chosen this selection of masks for many a reason, as they have all have different qualities that means I always go back to them. 

As the name suggests, this mask is incredibly moisturising, and is perfect for those days when your skin just needs a pick me up. Personally, my skin is on the drier side, which is why I'm obsessed with this mask. It is so refreshing and soothing and instantly hydrates your skin. I recently came down with a cold and as you can imagine, my skin wasn't at its best. The skin on and around my nose was so dry and flaky but after one use of this mask, it had all gone. My face was left feeling so soft and smooth and I couldn't stop touching it. 

When my skin is having a particularly bad day and it can't decide whether to be dry or oily, clear or spotty, I always reach for this mask. Not only does it smell incredible, (to the point where I could actually eat it) it is basically a concoction of ingredients that your skin will really thank you for. There is cocoa powder to draw out any impurities, mint to tone and reduce redness and linseed to moisturise. You can really feel it working its magic and storing it in the fridge makes it that bit more refreshing and soothing on application. 

Ever have those days when all you want to do is sit on the sofa snuggled under a duvet watching films, or reading all day? The perfect lazy day. Well this is the mask for you; you don't even have to wash it off. If you're like me and have really sensitive skin then you have to try this out, it has no nasty ingredients and contains a whole array of vitamins to leave your skin looking and feeling amazing and is also ideal if you're on a budget; whats not to love?

The best way I can describe this mask is a Pixi Glow Tonic in face mask form, and so it probably comes as no surprise to you that I choose this one when my skin is look particularly dull, which, with a complexion as pale as mine, is basically every day. It has tiny beads throughout to gently exfoliate your skin both on application and when you wash it off without drying it out, while the red algae brightens your overall complexion.

Another one belonging to the 'Pure Clay' range from L'oreal, this mask is my go-to when my skin needs majorly rescuing - hence its name. On the weeks where I have been wearing makeup most days, my skin can become so clogged and my t-zone very much on the oily side, which is where I tend to focus the product. Although my skin isn't actually acne prone, this mask works amazingly to unclog the problemed areas of my face, as well as clearing any imperfections. I am obsessed with this range and needless to say I am excited to try more from this range. 

What are your go-to face masks?

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I hate to admit it but I'm a little nosy when it comes to things like tattoos...
I love to hear about the meanings behind each one, when they got them and what their experience was like etc., which is why I decided to do this post. For as long as I can remember I have wanted a tattoo, so as soon as I turned 18 there was no question about whether or not I was going to get one. At the moment I only have 3, but I thought it would be interesting anyway, and hopefully helpful if you are looking to get a tattoo in a similar place. 

Taste wise I love anything minimal, something small with a big meaning, and placements that aren't always on show. I am forever scrolling through Pinterest adding to my tattoo board for future ideas, so feel free to follow me for more inspiration. 

I got all 3 done at Cheshire Ink. With something as permanent as a tattoo it is important to find a place you know and trust and this is definitely the place, so if you live in the area I really recommend it. All the staff are so friendly and really know what they are doing, which of course you want, and I will 100% be going there again for future tattoos. 

So firstly, it should be noted that this was not the tattoo I was originally planning on getting but the one I had chosen at first just didn't seem right, I will probably get it at some point, but I needed more time to think about it and its placement.

As this design was a last minute change of heart, it didn't originally hold much significance to me other than that 'it looked pretty' however it has since adopted a new meaning, or just a meaning in the first place. I got this tattoo 3 days after my 18th birthday and 9 days before I left school forever; I was growing up (still am), I was 'blossoming' if you will, and I think a flower is a good way to represent this.

To be honest I don't remember this hurting very badly at all; I was talking the majority of the time I was getting it so my concentration was taken away from it, though I did flinch by accident so try not to do that. If I had to give it a rating I would probably say 3/10, it really didn't hurt as badly as I expected it to, more sore than painful, and more so when it got closer to the bone. I think the best way to describe it is like a cat scratch that vibrated, there was quite a bit of pressure with this one, which I'm not entirely sure is normal, but thats how I remember it. The scariest part is when they first turn on the machine, it sounds terrifying but as soon as they do the first bit, it is absolutely fine.

The healing process with this tattoo was pretty simple and took about a week. Whenever it was dry I just covered it in Vaseline and then later, Bepanthen, which is nappy rash cream and gives a more breathable layer over the tattoo.

Bare with me on this one because it is so difficult to photograph from the side without me looking a little strange. I will admit at first I was a little apprehensive about getting it because while it is hidden the majority of the time, it still isn't the most subtle of tattoos, so I definitely didn't think I would love it as much as I do; it is probably my favourite tattoo so far.

As you will have probably have guessed, 'joie de vivre' translates to 'joy of life'. Again, I chose this because it looks nice but I also really loved the meaning. Its something positive and optimistic.

So this was where I was very naive. For some reason I didn't think this one was going to hurt at all... until right before I got it and the tattoo artist told me it was actually a very sensitive area. I would rate this at around a 7.5/10; for the most part it was bearable, but when it got closer to the front of my ribs it got more and more sore, and I was so glad when it was over; it was the sort of pain that makes you wince. I think he did it each letter at a time which was really helpful because I needed those small breaks in between. Just when I thought 'oh god this is getting quite bad' he stopped for a second anyway.

Having a tattoo already, I think I wasn't as worried about putting cream on this one 24/7, and the amount of times I missed parts of it because I couldn't properly see what I was doing, and because of this it took about a week and half to fully heal. But, for the most part it was fine, at the beginning to touch it was sore like sunburn but that went completely by the first day. The only real struggle I had with this healing process was not being able to have a proper bath, so I can't complain.

Probably the smallest tattoo I've ever seen in my life, but I love it. I think the thing is with minimal tattoos is that eventually, you run out of places to get them, and so I wanted to get this tattoo, firstly for its meaning, but also to dip my toes into the 'wrist tattoo' waters. In the future I want to get more, slightly bigger tattoos on my wrists and arms so I thought this tattoo was a good starting point.

I'm sure many of you are familiar with the meaning behind the semi-colon tattoo, but if you aren't, it represents mental health. Well thats how the majority of people who get it interpret it, but I think for me, it signifies perseverance and not giving up, which I guess can relate to mental health, but I like to apply it to anything in life.

I would honestly rate this as a 1/10 - I didn't feel a thing. Whether this was a because of having just had the one done on my ribs (I got them on the same day) so this felt like nothing or it being so small that it took seconds to do I don't know, but as I said, no pain at all.

Ironically, out of the three this was probably the worst to heal, not time wise, but because I couldn't stop touching it. It kept scabbing over slightly and I think because I could see it so easily - unlike with the other two - it made me worry a lot more. Also because of how small it was, I stupidly underestimated how much cream I needed to put on it, as in, if the cream had sunk in, I wasn't that bothered about reapplying it. Don't do that!

Do you have any tattoos or are you planning to get any? What is the meaning behind them?
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