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Happy Tuesday! Apologies for my absence, I didn't expect it to be so long but I thought I would bring it back with a little tag post. Last week I was tagged by the lovely Chaz from Unlunacy and to do the Sunshine Blogger Award post, and so today I will be answering the 11 questions she has set.

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to people who are positive, joyful, help others, and bring sunshine into others lives.

The Rules are as follows:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you by linking their blog
  2. Answer the questions
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What is your favourite thing about blogging so far?

It is difficult to narrow it down to one thing as I have been loving it so much but if I had to choose a favourite it would be the blogging community. Since starting my blog I have been so surprised by the amount of love and support out there by other bloggers. Everyone is so friendly and accomodating, and it still blows my mind that the Internet allows you connect with so many people.

What are your views on mental health advocacy and why is it important? 

As someone who has only recently come to terms with their mental health and who is learning how to deal with it on a day to day basis it comes as no surprise that I believe its advocacy is nothing short of amazing. Mental health is such an umbrella term and so many different issues can fall under it, from depression and anxiety to ADHD and OCD. Awareness of mental health issues is growing by the day and this is incredibly important; it lets people know that they are not alone in their situation and that what/how they are feeling is completely normal. 

What is your favourite thing about the town you live in?

Not much, let me tell you, but some days I really do appreciate the silence. When I open my window, instead of hearing car horns and shouting, all I can hear is the little lambs and birds singing. I do love it. 

Tell us about your best friend? 

He has four legs, a tail, very fluffy ears and answers to the name Harvey - most of the time.

What is your guilty pleasure? 

I feel like I am not alone when I say that my guilty pleasure is documentaries. I do love a good documentary, they are my answer to everything. Have a to-do list as long as my arm? Documentary. Supposed to be revising for my A-Levels? How about I watch a documentary instead. Zombie apocalypse? You know. If you are a documentary lover like myself then I really recommend subscribing to Real Stories over on youtube, though perhaps give it a miss if you actually want to get stuff done. 

What is the most awkward/embarrassing moment of your life?

I am the type of person who, for some reason, always seems to end up doing something embarrassing, and so by now, I am pretty used to it. But here are a few examples my friend gave when I asked him: 

Do you believe in true love, why/why not?

I do, and I don't know why. That makes it sound like I have been riddled with bad break ups, I haven't, I just think that it is one of those things that worries me. Whenever I hear about a couple splitting up, especially when they were going so strong, I always have to find out why, to reassure myself that it isn't something that could happen to me. Its when you hear that people just 'grew apart' or that they just 'weren't happy together anymore', because while that may be true, it doesn't half make me panic. What if that happens to me? I don't want that to happen to me. So for now I remain in my little 'true love does exist' cloud, keeping everything crossed. 

What crime would you most likely be caught doing?

Honestly, shoplifting. Unintentional of course. I seem to be getting so forgetful these days (I am 18 so that doesn't hold much hope for the future) that I just go to walk out a shop with a load of stuff in my hands that I haven't paid for. It isn't until someone I am with yells STOP!! that I actually realise what I am doing. Nightmare. 

What is one piece of advice you will hold onto forever?

As I said previously, my memory isn't great, so if anyone did ever enlighten me with their pearls of wisdom, I don't remember. However, I will never forget my friend Ben telling me something along the lines of 'when you ask for advice, you already know the answer, you are just looking for someone to agree/disagree with you.' I'm sure it was a lot more poetic than that but thats the jist of it. So now whenever I need advice, I realise that I do know what the right thing to do is, I am just putting it off, or hoping that someone will give me an easier option. Does that make sense?

What is your favourite day of the week and why?

Friday. Pushing the boat out with that one I know. I have just always loved that Friday feeling. Especially in school, when you were sat in your lesson and you know you've got exciting plans for that evening and then you have the whole weekend ahead of you. Though, that being said, in Year 13 I was a Thursday lover; although it was my busiest day, I miss that feeling of going into History for my last lesson, sat at the back of the room with a row of six to myself and just winding down for the week, and knowing I had three frees the following day, it was always so relaxing - if A Levels can be at all relaxing. Plus I had double politics in the morning which I LOVED. Please enjoy this amazingly good quality photo of my last ever politics lesson, almost a year ago now.

Do you believe in the paranormal, why/why not? 

Yes and no. If we are talking the 'there's someone behind you' or 'a family died here 62 years ago and no one has been here since' type of thing then no, (though that does freak me out a little), but I do believe in something, I just don't know what. If I am thinking logically then surely it isn't possible, how would that even work? Though my experiences tell me otherwise. It is just the little things like randomly smelling my grandma as if she has just 'floated' past or things moving around the house that no one is claiming responsibility for; creepy.


  1. How do you relax/wind down?
  2. What TV show/youtuber are you binge watching right now?
  3. Is there something you are looking forward to, what/why?
  4. What makes you roll your eyes everytime you hear it?
  5. If you had the power to change one thing in this world, what would it be and why?
  6. Why did you start up your blog? How as it changed you?
  7. What is your ultimate dream in life? Where do you want to end up? What do you want to achieve?
  8. Tell us about your typical weekend?
  9. Is there anything you have recently learnt that you wish you had known earlier? What is it?
  10. One habit you wish you could break?
  11. What advice would you give to someone going through a difficult time?


For todays post, I thought it would be nice to share my goals for April. I find having them in writing means I actually have to stick to them and if you have some goals you have set yourself this month, maybe we could do it together?

Schedule posts in advance. One of my goals this month is to get on top of blogging a bit more. When I post, I am usually up till the early hours and schedule them for 9 the next morning, but I want that to change. It can be quite stressful when I need a post to go up when I am struggling to word things correctly or am slowly falling asleep at my laptop. So, in April, I would like to get about a week ahead of posts, giving me time to get them just how I envisage them; its going to be a busy week for me.

Start getting up earlier. Lets be honest, this one has been on my list of goals for months now, but since leaving school, I have had no reason to get up earlier, or stick to a routine and getting up later in the day is having its effect. I want to have that routine back and give myself a little motivation for the day. I am definitely not a morning person but if I learn a few tips and tricks to the trade, I would love to share them with you. 

Post more on Instagram. In this day and age it can very easy to get caught up in social media and how many likes your post receives, but, nonetheless, I would like to be a little bit more active on my Instagram. By this I mean posting more on my account, and adding to my stories more often. If you would like to see how I get on with this, be sure to follow me here - I follow fellow bloggers back. 

Stop spending. This one is pretty self explanatory, I need to start saving. If there was an award for the worst saver I would win it, I am awful. As soon as I have money I spend it and try to justify each purchase in the most ridiculous ways. 'It's for the blog so its an investment'; 'well I have been feeling a bit down today'; 'I need something to look forward to this week'; the list goes on. As with getting up earlier, I am going to share my tips with you all if I am successful - fingers crossed. 

Learn Italian. Now I have left this one till last purely for the fact it sounds a little optimistic. I am of course not expecting Italian to be my second language by the time May rolls around, or even by next May, but it is something I wanted to do for a while so why not try now? This month I am just going to start with the basics, numbers, food and drink, useful phrases etc. and see where the language-learning road takes me. 

What are your goals for April?

Phoebe x

Can anyone else not believe how fast March has gone?! Because me neither.

Today brings the start of a new series here on the blog; the monthly 'Round Up'.  I am not sure if I will be doing these every month, and I will try to keep this one fairly short and sweet as I fear it will be quite chatty, but it is a nice little way to document what I did this month, what I am loving and any other changes that each month brings.

Not only will these posts be so nice to look back on in years to come, but I think it is a good thing to do for your mindset. It can be so easy to just let time slip away and forget the little things. Just because you didn't throw yourself out a plane or go on a road trip across America, it doesn't mean that everything else isn't significant. What did you achieve? Did you make a mistake that you learnt from? Who made your month that bit easier?

I know just briefly thinking about it, March was not a particularly exciting month for me personally, but that's not the spirit, is it?

Lets start with achievements. For me this is actually quite easy for once; I went on a train! Since a terrible event, that shall not be discussed, occurred back in August of last year, I have not set foot in a train station, let alone on a train, and let me tell you, I was terrified. When I woke up that morning I very nearly cancelled, but I am so glad I didn't. I had an amazing day, I travelled all the way into Manchester and met up with my best friend from High School who I hadn't seen since he went off to Uni. I now feel so much more confident and am so glad I have that bit of independence back. If you've been wanting to do something for a while but fear is holding you back, make it your goal for April. You can do it, and you'll have no regrets!

March marks the start of Spring - well it is supposed to anyway - and because of this, I have seen such an improvement in my mood, especially this past week. As cringey as it seems, the sound of birds singing is one of my absolute favourite things, it is just so relaxing. Even being able to have the back door open while taking blog photos and hearing them in the background has just made me feel so happy and bubbly. Also, although this month has brought a lot of snow with it, there have been some good days, and honestly it is so much less hassle! I don't dread going outside knowing my nose will be numb and my eyes watering, and gone are the days of wearing ridiculous amounts of layers - for now at least. All my life I have had the same issue of only owning summer clothes and just having the most hideous wardrobe when its cold outside, and there have still been no improvements, so at least I can start looking presentable again!

As for what I have been getting up to this month, not much really. I cannot stand staying in the house all day and so this month I have been doing anything possible to actually see the outside world. I went into Manchester for the day, as I mentioned previously, and have seen my siblings a fair amount but other than that, just blog post planning really. My social life is awful!

I have gotten way too carried away again so I'm going to round it up here (pun definitely intended) so be sure to follow me on my bloglovin' to be notified when I next post, and if you want to know what I am getting up to I would love if you followed my social media. (Instagram + Twitter)

What was your best moment of March?

Phoebe x

Spring is finally here, and to celebrate I thought I'd do a little style haul, and maybe it will give you some inspiration if you're stuck in a style rut. I have been trying to branch out with my clothing and gently move out of my comfort zone, and even though pretty basic, I have fallen back in love with slogan/graphic tees.

The first one I bought was the 'Lovers Drifters' tee from Miss Selfridge. Although slightly cropped - note the emphasis on the slightly - I love it, especially the distressed look to the font.

Next I picked up the 'New Orleans' tee from Cow Vintage, a shop my friend introduced to me, and one which I will definitely be revisiting. If you're a lover of 70's, 80's and 90's style, then you should 100% check it out, especially if you're on the hunt for an over sized denim jacket, or any for that matter. Also, most of their pieces are one off, almost, in that they only stock one or two of the same product, well as far as I am aware.

The final one I have bought recently literally gives me excited butterflies simply for the fact it sounds remotely Italian... even though its Spanish but you catch my drift. I adore the colours in this asos piece, and, same as with the Miss Selfridge tee, it has a distressed look to the design.

With all of these t-shirts, I have just been styling them the same way, and that is by tucking them into my new mom jeans from prettylittlething. It took me a sweet while to find ones that actually suited me but I have settled with these ones. I am not entirely sure if they are too big on me and I do have to wear a belt but those size 8's were not getting past my thighs. This has definitely been my biggest style change of this spring as I am so used to wearing my Topshop 'Jamie' or 'Joni' jeans and just rolling up the bottoms, but I just got so bored of them, and the black pair are basically grey now; bringing me onto another reason I am in love with these new jeans, the colour. They have that 'natural' denim look to them, and whats more, I know they won't fade. If you are looking for the perfect pair of mom jeans then I really recommend them! Such an amazing price, and the length is perfect.

Whats new in your spring wardrobe?

Phoebe x

(p.s. the sunglasses are £3 from Primark!)

This post contains affiliate links. 

Although I did try my absolute best to stop spending money this month, I didn't do very well, so here is a little haul of what I bought and my first impressions of them.

First up, and probably the one I am most excited about because it has been on my wish list for so so long is the Pixi Glow TonicI chose to get this over the Glossier Solution as it had so many mixed reviews and I'm glad I did. If I'm honest I am not entirely sure what it is supposed to do but since I have very dry skin I thought that with fact it gently exfoliates, I couldn't go wrong, also it is very pinterest so I couldn't pass it up. On first impressions, it smells kind of like the Cheltenham Cath Kidston shop, purely because it's the only one I have been in, and it gives me such nostalgia. It makes my skin feel so smooth and hydrated and a little goes a long way.

Purely for the novelty I got a Lush face mask, and as recommended by the staff, I got Cupcake. This clarifying mask smells amazing, I could actually eat it, and on first use, left my skin feeling so incredibly soft. I will say though, it is quite bitty, so didn't apply as smoothly as I hoped, but that isn't a major issue.

Clearly I thought that one face wasn't enough because I then went a bought the L'oreal Pure Clay Blemish Rescue Mask. Now I have never really had the best of luck with L'oreal skin products but I wanted to try this as their newest face masks have amazing reviews and I do love a clay mask. While luckily my skin didn't react badly to it, and it did feel quite hydrated afterwards, I am not totally sure it did much, though this may just be me being impatient. I am going to keep using it for now and see if there are any improvements.

Next, a really unnecessary product. I am not one to wear to lipstick so why I thought I desperately needed the Nip+Fab Lip Liner is beyond me but I have no regrets. So far I absolutely adore the colour of this product and find it such a natural and subtle way to make me look a bit more put together, and a little more alive - handy when you have ridiculously pale skin and lips. Since it is a lip liner the staying power is obviously great and it doesn't dry my lips out at all.

Finally, a definite impulse buy, the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. I am on the hunt for a good face moisturiser but I don't think this is the one. It was fairly expensive - in my books anyway - for what it is and I feel like it is going to get used up quite quickly, as I have to use a fair amount on each application. However, I am by no means saying it is a terrible product, it does what it says on the bottle but, it doesn't work wonders, it doesn't wow me. which some unknown reason I was kind of expecting, but, I don't hate it.

What products do you recommend?

Phoebe x

(p.s. any money saving tips would be appreciated, thank you)

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Thank you to my followers for baring with me and sticking around while I haven't been posting. To be fair it hasn't been too too long, but still two weeks, I am not okay with that. I intend to post regularly but clearly I haven't been. When it comes to this blog I am such a perfectionist so although I have many many ideas, I want them to be just right before posting them, and feel like they are good enough.

So, since one of my most popular posts is one where I talk about how I'm feeling in a post called 'Change' I thought I would do that again. Whether it be my outfit choice, my latest instagram post or what I am doing, I am constantly comparing myself to other people, and I am definitely not the only one guilty of doing so. Although this happens in many aspects of my life, as with most people, I am just going to be focusing on how it affects me and my blog right now - otherwise we'll be here all day.

Since I was 11 I have known that this is what I wanted to do for a living, granted I definitely don't make a living out of it now, but I hope to, and, as much as I cringe saying this, I am genuinely so passionate about it. So, it doesn't come as a surprise to me that I get so nit picky about what I post, and how it turns out. For me, I want everything about the post to be just right, because I worry that I may miss out on an amazing opportunity if it isn't.

I have days when I feel so unmotivated to post anything, or I have an idea that just doesn't turn out the way I pictured it and am left thinking if its even worth it, but I stick at it, because I know it will be one day. I also feel incredibly guilty and almost like I am letting people down because of the 'path' I decided to take. I don't have a job. I left school last May, got through my exams with about 5 hours total of revision (you can see my results/reaction here) and have basically been doing nothing since.

To me, this is fine. I understand that if I want to learn to drive, buy a camera or just do anything really, I need a job, and believe you me I am told that, but I'm in no rush. I had a job, I hated it, and it wasn't right for me, but why am I always trying to impress other people, or just doing things to keep them from nagging? This is what I want to do, and right now, I am in a position where I can put all my attention on it. I think one of the main reasons why I do feel so discouraged sometimes is because I am worrying that I am letting other people down with doing what I am doing. All my siblings have jobs, they work full time, and they have ever since they left school, and so I can't help but feel as though I am being compared to them, and being seen as 'the let down'. I find it so infuriating when people think 'oh, she'll get there', 'she's just going through a bad patch' or treat me as if I'm being naive. I am aware this comes across very negative or stroppy, but I am just stating how I feel, and honestly, it would be nice to have a voice on this topic for once. But, as much as I hate to admit it, I'm stubborn, and I will do what I want to do.

Moving on from that, and back onto what I was saying about comparing my blog to others. Recently, I have seen a positive change in this industry and in myself. I used to envy certain content creators so much to the point where I would almost convince myself that they were bad people and that I didn't like them, - which is embarrassing to admit - but since a lot of light has been brought to similar issues, it has opened my eyes. All I see on social media nowadays is vloggers/bloggers supporting each other through 'follow fridays' or just generally loving and sharing one anothers content, and this has helped me massively. Rather than feeling like my content isn't good enough because I envy another creators work and this leading to me disliking them, I have been working on trying my best to support their content and the hard work that goes into everything they do, and I think this goes for anything.

Have you ever felt like this?

Phoebe x

(p.s. I have other posts up and scheduled so we are good to go for now)

Finding brands that I love and trust is something that doesn't come easy to me for many reasons and although recently I have been trying to broaden my horizons with new brands and their products, there are definitely several brands I gravitate towards. 

I am a person of habit and so when I find a product I love, I love it hard. I become so comfortable with my little routine and will maintain it for weeks, months, and sometimes years. 

The first brand on my list of those I love and trust is NYX, namely their eyebrow and lip products, and is one which the 12 year old 'macbarbie07' lover in me has a little fangirl moment in the shop about, just because there is an American brand in the UK. Not only is it so amazingly priced, more likely than not, if you are lusting over a product from a high-end brand, you will find the perfect dupe from NYX of the exact same quality, if not better. 

Next up is a brand I've mentioned a few times before and I would happily buy so many more of their products. Much like NYX, The Ordinary is so reasonably priced - a theme you'll see throughout this post. They have made ingredients that have previously only been available in high-end moisturisers and serums available to almost anyone's budget. Long gone are the days of hopelessly longing for celebrity skin, especially since Kim Kardashian herself uses this brand. 

Essie. I could leave it there to be honest. Essie is one of those brands that I will probably love for the rest of my life and I'm not ashamed to say it. Everything about their nail polishes I love, they go on so perfectly, and have such a lasting finish. They don't end up with that gloopy consistency after 2 months unlike most, and never leave those strange bubbles I have experienced a lot in my varnish hunting days. The colour selection is sensational and their gel top coat is to die for. Just try it!

Another one I love for its quality is Tanya Burr Cosmetics. I really admire how much work is put into each and everyone of her products and how devoted she is to the brand. I am always up for supporting the work/brands of creators and this one is without a doubt one of the best I've tried. I use the 'Selfie Sculpt' on my eyebrows everyday I love it and it is the perfect dupe for the Bobbi Brown 'Perfectly Defined Brow Pencil.' The packaging is always beautiful, and the again, the pricing is brilliant. 

On to another content creator(s) brand, and a very well known one at that; Real Techniques. I mean there is no question as to why they are so popular, their products are amazing, and I'm most definitely not the first to say that. Whenever I feel like I need (want) new brushes, my first port of call is this brand. I love the fact that you can physically buy them in a store as supposed to online and  know what you are getting and they are accessible to everyone. My personal favourite and the one I have used for foundation for about 2ish years now is the 'Expert Face Brush;' because it is just so good.

Finally, Lush. I don't think I would trust any other retailer with bath bombs and I'm glad to say I don't have to. Not only do they create amazing products, they are so committed to what they stand for by not testing on animals, launching their 'Charity Pot' campaign and doing their bit to promote ethical behaviour, to name a few. The customer service is outstanding and even though every product is so affordable, I always feel like I am treating myself whenever I use them, its such a novelty.

What brands/products do you always gravitate towards?

Phoebe x

(p.s. this has real made me want to splurge in Lush)

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So I was actually planning on doing a more spring related post today but I felt this more appropriate, given that March is in 2 days yet the country is thick with snow. Snow is definitely one of my favourite things to photograph as it is just so pretty and suits my minimalist taste - I don't like colour much. Anyway, here are some of my favourites:

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